About Us

Sitra Travel was born from my love of travel and 10 years of planning annual vacations for family and friends. I got the nickname Julie, after the Love Boat’s Cruise Director Julie McCoy, because of my incessant need to plan and orchestrate perfect vacations. In 2018, I joined Island Expert Travel to learn the industry and the tools every travel expert needs to create amazing experiences. 

With my husband Anthony, we began Sitra Travel in 2021. Combining my 30 years as a Brand Marketer along with the expertise I’ve gained as a travel agent and entrepreneur, I create breathtaking vacation extravaganzas for my clients.  

I am an expert at group travel in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. I can plan dream destination weddings, honeymoons, milestone birthdays, couples’ trips, girl & guy trips, and family celebrations from beginning to end down to the finest detail. 

Have a trip in mind, but not sure where to start? Set up a consultation and we’ll take care of the rest.